My Secret Identity

Welcome to my little corner of the web. Stay a spell and I’ll spin a tale of what you’ll find here and what is yet to be. Once long ago, a young man set off on a long journey far away into the mountains of Colorado. He sought knowledge of the world and his place in it, a place to begin his life, and a trade to ply his way. What he found was more a way of being, a way of writing that continues to this day…

Over the years I tried on a variety of hats, from teaching to business management. Today I find myself in a Master’s program for counseling and I’ve spend a lot of time ‘doing my own work’, soul searching to find out who I am. It comes down to this; I am a writer. The problem is my course as a counselor left me feeling like I was working in a shoebox with handcuffs on. The expectation of a ‘clinical persona’ seemed at odds with the authentic process of creative writing. Therefore, I have decided to separate counseling work from my writing by giving each its own blog. Writing is what I like and I’m gonna see where it goes. To hell with criticism or cash. This is a passion I don’t often share. I hope you find it helpful and entertaining. That’s the ‘why’ behind this blog. I’ve come to terms with who I am as more than a counselor alone; I enjoy telling a story. I am a writer.

I want to use this space as a place to document the growth from that realization. This won’t be a self-helpy blog that ‘looks back from on high’ from the point of success. This will be a reflection on the process of becoming a writer as it unfolds, full of obstacles and plateaus as they happen and what is learned along the way. Psychology and the things I’ve learned about change, both in and out of the field will certainly come up. Plus on occasion I’ll share about writing a game, a bit of fiction, or some poetry. I’ve always been a writer and it’s about time I quit resisting that destiny and start putting in the work to walk that path. This is going to be a story of trying something bold because it is right for you and what happens along the way. Writing is what I like and I’m gonna do it anyway. To hell with the risks, it’s a passion that’s taken too long to share. I am a writer and I have a few things to say.

But as there are masks, there are things to remain hidden. Much of what I want to write is beyond the scope of the ‘counseling persona’. As a counselor I love working with creative people but let’s face it, seeing creative work from a counselor’s page could be just… unseemly. Still I am not fool enough to assume I can keep the two separate. My solution is this site, separate from that professional guise while not wholly anonymous. It’s the 21st century after all, how much can you really hide while simultaneously trying to be found? If someone looks hard enough they can see through that thin veneer to my mild-mannered alter ego. I want to be authentic as a counselor and as a writer on both sides of the page. There are truths that need to be told and it’s about time I get out there and do it.

Makar is an old name meaning poet. It harkens back to Fifteenth-century Scotland and the poetry created there. The first of the Makaris (plural) referred to as ‘Scots Chaucerians’ originally wrote in the tongue of Middle Scots.  Today some Scottish cities appoint their own Makar while the Parliament appoints The Scots Makar, a national poet laureate. The term itself brings together all of these qualities; the beauty of poetics, the relentless passion of the Scots, and the timelessly evolving nature of language into a single symbol of wordsmithing.

So then, let’s be warrior poets.  Shiny?

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