Of Water and Time

Rising from the headwaters of history
Slipping and spilling in languid inevitability
Through eternity toward each dawn anew
Dashing relentless waves upon the sands of time

Spray gathers in drops, drips, and beads
Rolls across the land only to return
With restless, frothing persistence
To the depths of dark beginnings

From the seminal spark in that primordial pond,
To those first stubby, faltering steps beyond
The mirror sky of a liquid world
Into the parching light above

Where we first learned to thirst
To feel the elemental drain of life
In spills and sips, slipping through fingers
With the capricious certainty of rain

Carrying the oceans of origin within
Boiling over in angry steam
Washing clean, in nurturing soft caress
Or growing hard in icy resistance

Picking up detritus along the flow of time
Patient erosion, precipitating silt of existence
Marking an exchange in its passing
On earth and stone

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